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Q. Who gets food?

A. Our member agencies are responsible for determining how the food is distributed to individuals in need. We work with over 60 charities that allocate the food we source.

Q. What kind of food do you give away?

A. Crosscare prioritises making wholesome, nutritious foods available to those most in need. Much of what we distribute is fresh produce, dairy products, fresh meats, and other refrigerated and frozen products. We really need preserved food, cleaning products and toiletries.

Q. Where does the food bank get food?

A. Food comes to us from farmers, retailers, distributors, wholesale, food industry sources and the E.U. F.E.A.D. programme. In addition, kind-hearted members of our community hold food drives that can bring in literally tons of food.

Need Food Assistance

Q. How do I get food?

Food Poverty is affecting a cross section of society, a non-judgmental approach has always been adopted by Crosscare, if you are in need of food the Saint Vincent DePaul can be contacted at (01) 8386990, our housing and welfare team can be contacted on (01) 872 6775.


Q. Where can I drop off food?  

A. Food donations come in all sizes. If you have a few shopping bags or a few small boxes full of food that you'd like to drop off, then you can come to any Crosscare facility or the actual Food Bank at Holy Cross College. Mondays - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.,
Larger-scale donations of food are received through our warehouse and special arrangements can be made 24/7 by calling Valerie on (01) 8365040.

Q. How do I start a food drive?  

A. We are grateful to our friends in the community who hold food drives: they not only generate food - they generate awareness of the problem of food poverty and hunger in our community, contact the food bank on (01) 8365040.

Q. What food items do you need most?

A. Food contributed through food drives or individual donations must be non-perishable. The item we distribute the most are sugar, tea, cooking sauces, pasta. rice, tinned veg and fruit, preserved meats, tinned fish, hygiene products and products to clean a home.

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